Medical Devices & Restorative Technologies

Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD) has funded Rs. 1.50 crores for this sub theme area under the Design Innovation Centre(DIC) project.

This area is focused on developing indigenous processes and products in the area of medical devices & restorations.

University Institute of Engineering & Technology(UIET) has been working extensively in developing dental models, implants & aligners using rapid prototyping, developing pressure & motion sensing devices for biting force measurements, hand gesturing and joint functioning, designing of human mandible & maxilla using software and printing, low cost wire extruding devices and indigenous milling machines for fabrication of dental crowns & implants.

The conventional methods for taking dental/jaw impressions have a lot of inaccuracies which result in compromised solutions of braces, aligners, crowns and implant developments. Replacing these methods, by a high end scanner to obtain high resolution dental images and 3D printing of these images can assist in developing reliable and precise dental prosthesis. Computer Science & Engineering Department of UIET is handling this area of imaging while extensive patient data for analysis is being provided by Dental Institute.

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